Our College has initiated and established Value Education cell to motivate the Students on Moral values to adapt in their lives. If values are important for society then there has to be a provision for value education. In ordinary language the term ‘value education’ refers to transmission of values, usually from older generation to younger generation. Value education is required by all irrespective of age, sex and social position. Sometimes the members of older generation also need to be taught the values of moral and ethics for younger generation. The young generations may not believe in several values of the older generations.

        From common man’s perspective, value education concentrates on topics such as happiness, love, equality, humility, peace, simplicity, cooperation, honesty, unity, etc. It is taught informally in all social situations and is formally included in schools and colleges for children and young adults. Everyday experiences show that education without values lead to wrong results. Human education must enable the students to develop right understanding ability. We have to guide the students to   practice right living during the period of their education. Living in the Society with good relations leads to mutual happiness. Living with rest of the nature is leading to mutual prosperity. Value-based education can contribute to the development of a humane society. The Cell will contribute the best through Value Education to the society.

  • The Value Based Education has been incorporated as a part of the curriculum to all the degree first year students in view of the present scenario from the academic year 2013-2014.
  • Today in the present competitive world the youth are subjected to stress.
  • It leaves very less time for the Ward to spend with the members of the family to understand the harmonious relations among them.
  • Realizing this problem, and that there is due need to inculcate values to the youth at the age where they can understand and absorb the importance of Human Values, APSHE has introduced the same as part of curriculum.
  • The Syllabus has been designed to be meaningful and the useful to the present generation.
  • Value Education develops life Goals and Personal Qualities which are very essential for the present students in the society.

     Motto: Value Education can improve the moral standards of the Human behaviour in the     society which thereby leads to the welfare of Humanity.

Composition of Value Education Cell:






Dr YVV Appa Rao




P Meeraiah

Lecturer in Economics



M Venkateswara Rao

Lecturer in Economics



P Ramakrishna

Lecturer in Politics



DVVN Prasad

Lecturer in History



KV Suresh Babu

Lecturer in  Hindi



RN Srinivas

Lecturer in Commerce


Activities of VEC:

  • Moral storytelling and writing.
  • Sharing of  real life value based experiences.
  • Lectures on Moral Values.
  • Role play of good stories in Epics etc.

Human Values & Professional Ethics

Human Values & Professional Ethics

Lecture 01: Introduction to Value Education

Lecture 02 : Coexistence of Self and Body Part I

Lecture 03: Coexistence of Self and Body Part II

Lecture 04: Sikshana Samskaramu

05: Self Exploration

Lecture 06: Prosperity

Lecture 07 : Harmony in Relationship Part I

Lecture 08 : Harmony in Relationship Part II

Lecture 09: Summary and Right Understanding in Relationship

Lecture 10 : Values in Human Relationship

Lecture 11: Understanding values in Human Relationship

Lecture 12: Harmony from Family to World Family

Lecture 13: Summary of Lecture 1~12

Lecture 14: Q&A on Relationships

Lecture 15 : Sanskar

Lecture 16: Implications of Right Understanding

Lecture 17 : Harmony in Society

Lecture 18: Summary of Lectures 12-17

Lecture 19: Harmony in Existence

Lecture 20 : Existence is Coexistence

Lecture 21: Implementation of Human values in College Education

Lecture 22: Mulyankanamu

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