B.Bapi Reddy

Physical Director 

The Department of Physical Education started functioning since the inception of the college in 1974. The Department has an illustrious history of making noteworthy achievements in the area of competitive sports and games. The Department has succeeded in shaping a pretty good number of sportspersons of National and International stature. The college has been retaining its position as a dominant force, in the university intercollegiate sports and games competitions, for several years. Quite a good number of our flag-bearers wear the university colour every year.

The Department focusses on certain disciplines, and utmost care is taken right from the sports quota admissions in order to strengthen those teams. Coaching camps are held for all teams, those have some prospect in the intercollegiate tournaments. The teams are provided with every possible support and amenities by making use of the resources available to us.

We have chosen Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Tennis (Clay Court), Table Tennis, Net Ball, Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Fencing, etc. as our leading disciplines. The teams in these disciplines secure a place in the university intercollegiate tournaments mostly. A neatly equipped fitness centre has also been smoothly functioning in the college for the last 25 years. The Department also engages itself to create awareness on health and fitness among the college community.