Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Paremswari & Dr.Kalidindi Suryanarayana Raju Arts & Science College(A), a pioneering educational institution in A.P. was established on the august day of 4th August 1974 at Penugonda in west Godavari district under 'Sri Vaasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Arts And Science College Association' with the highest guiding principle “Synoptic education to all”.  Behind this temple of learning strenuous efforts of several political and academic stalwarts have been there right from the foundation stone for the success and the growth of this institution in a big way.  It is highly apposite in this connection to mention in brief the need to establish the college and above all the way in which the founding fathers, floundered to give a concrete shape to their long cherished dream of establishing a college for the sake of the all round development of the youth in and around Penugonda.

       Prior to the founding of this Institution Parents of Penugonda, West Godavari district the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh known for it’s mighty ever flowing river,  the Godavari, the food giver of India and unique cultural values had to send their children to far off places for Pursuing U.G and P.G Courses.  Both Parents and Students used to face several ordeals like transportation charges and exorbitant tuition fees etc.  So Parents relinquished the idea of sending their children for pursuance of further studies.   The future of the Students of this historically and culturally famous penugonda town was at stake, when it was at this crucial juncture some of the leading lights,  Pro bono public activists and above all Philanthropists joined their minds and might together and formed into an association called S.V.K.P. Arts & Science College Association and in Chorus the association made Sri Kotla Venkataramaiah as the founder president, keeping at the back of their minds his committed selfless meritorious services he rendered.  Thus this college came in to existence and became an oasis to several students in and around West Godavari District.  In this connection it is quite germane to mention especially the name of the then local MLA Sri Vanka Satyanarayana a gentleman to the core in the field of malign politics, without whose combined contribution, the college would not have come to a reality.  The college has been aptly named after the Presiding deity of Penugonda, Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari and the name of Dr.Kalidindi Suryanarayana Raju was added to the main name later as a token of gratitude for his huge generous donation, he gladly made. Thus this college acquired the name of S.V.K.P. & Dr.K.S. Raju Arts & Science College.

      This college is situated on the right bank of the Nidadavole –Narsapuram Canal in Penugonda, West Godavari District.  This college with the passage of the time became a mighty force to reckon in the fields of Science, Technology Arts and Commerce.

         At the first go, the Government of Andhra Pradesh granted permission to degree courses in B. A., B. Sc., and B. Com., and Andhra University granted affiliation to the courses taking the cabinet resolutions of Government of Andhra Pradesh as the basis.  Later as a part of Restructured Courses Electronics and Computer Sciences were introduced at U.G Level in the year 1984 and 1986 respectively.  MCA and MBA were introduced during the years 1992 and 1993 respectively.  M. Sc., Industrial Chemistry in 1995, M. A., Political Science, in 1998 M. Sc., Computer Science were introduced.  In the year 2003 M. Sc., Mathematics, M. Sc., Organic Chemistry, in 2006 M. Sc., Biotechnology and M. Sc., Botany were introduced in order to make the students fit and suited to the fast moving modern changes that have been occurring in the field of education.  Since 2012 the college has been organizing three UGC sponsored Certificate courses viz., 1) Communicative English, 2) Web Designing and 3) Talley.

                   Thus with the all round co-operation of the Management, the succeeding Principals, the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff the Higher Education was brought to the very door steps of the rural folk.  The strength at the beginning of the college was 300 only.  Now the strength of the college is around 2000 in which the strength of girl students is around 47%, 64 Teaching staff out of which 10 are Ph.D., holders, 13 are M.Phil holders and 60 Non-Teaching staff, all total 126 employees are working round the clock for the benefit and welfare of the students.  So far 7 UGC MRPs have been completed.

                   Well equipped Museums for Botany and Zoology were arranged for the sake of all the science students.  A seminar hall with A/c. facilities was also arranged for the academic deliberations.  The college is owns 18 acres of land on which eye catching and awe-struck permanent buildings were constructed with cement roads leading to every corner of the college.  Along with it a garden was also developed as an adding beauty to the college.  A large play ground is earmarked to conduct several types of games and sports events.  Tennis court, basket ball courts are added attractions.  A strong and huge compound wall was built around the entire area. 

 The college has Two NCC and Three NSS units.  The college has been recognised by UGC as “College with Potential for Excellence” for a period of 5 years from 01-4-2016 to 31-3-2021.

       The college has been receiving grants from the University Grants Commission and Grant-in-Aid from the Government of Andhra Pradesh.  Two Cycles of NAAC have been successfully completed and accredited the institution with grades B++ in 2005 and B in 2011 respectively.  CBCS & Semester System in the Degree Courses have been introduced in the college from the academic year 2015-2016 according to the guidelines issued by the affiliating university and APSCHE.  Internal Quality Assurance Cell has been constituted as per NAAC norms during the year 2005-2006.  The Cell periodically assesses and ensures quality of Academic Programmes.  The campus is well equipped with attached hostels for Men and Women separately.  The college has Two NCC and Three NSS units.  The college has been recognised by UGC as “College with Potential for Excellence” for a period of 5 years from 01-4-2016 to 31-3-2021.

Vision :

  • To enrich and stimulate creativity in young minds.
  • To nurture a spirit of tolerance in the youth of the multicultural society.
  • To impart knowledge and skills through scientific temper.
  • To promote value based Education.

 Mission :

  • To empower the socially, economically and educationally marginalized sections of the rural society of the region.
  • To augment a new generation of students for contributing to the future knowledge economy.
  • To sensitize the students towards social awareness and gender equality.