The Grievance Redressal Cell of SVKP & Dr KS Raju Arts & science college (A), NAAC re-accredited with “A” grade was formally constituted in 2006, with ten members to probe into the student grievances which comprises of the Principal, Senior Faculty Members and Class Teachers. It redresses the grievances at an individual as well as the class level and grievances of common interest. The Cell maintains a conducive and unprejudiced educational environment. Complaints of students and parents are redressed as soon as they are received. Suggestion Boxes/ Complaint Boxes are installed on the ground floor of the U.G Block, P.G Block and at administrative Block .Students can write and drop in their grievances and suggestions. However, oral grievances and suggestions are also accepted and looked into. All complaints are scrutinized by the Principal and the Grievance Redressal Cell and the resolutions are recorded.


 Certain guidelines have been drawn up governing the working of the Grievance Redressal Cell to ensure that the grievance redressal mechanism is not misused.

  • Grievances and suggestions can be represented in writing through the suggestions box.
  • Grievances and suggestions can be represented orally by contacting any of the Cell Members or the Principal either directly or indirectly, through the Mentor, Class Teacher, any other lecturer or Class representatives.
  • When using the Suggestions Box, the class should be mentioned when necessary to facilitate the redressal of grievances.
  • It is optional to write the name but students are made aware that the matter will be kept confidential even if they do write their names. There will be no repercussions.
  • The Cell meets at regular intervals to consider these grievances and suggestions.
  • Grievances will be redressed in the best possible way within the shortest period of time possible, within the framework of the institution’s rules and regulations.
  • If the matter cannot be redressed according to the expectations, an explanation is given for the same.
  • In certain cases where the grievances are related to matters pertaining to another committee of Cell, the grievance is taken to the concerned Cells for redressal.
  • Frivolous grievances and suggestions will not be entertained.

The Complaint Management Mechanism is Carried out in THREE levels in the Institution

  1. Level :01

The departmental level grievances are attended by the concerned class teachers who are acted as mentors along with the Department Heads. The Members of Student Council and Staff Coordinators of various Committees and Clubs act as facilitators to communicate and sort out the grievances of Students.

  1. Level:02

Unresolved grievances at the department level are referred to the Grievance Redressal Cell of the Institution. The students can approach the Grievance Redressal Cell with their complaints of common interest too. They can communicate their grievances to the Principal/Convener of the Grievance Redressal Cell.

  1. Level: 03

Depending on the seriousness the grievances, the problems or issues are settled by the Grievance Redressal Cell/ by the Principal in consultation with members of the Management, Senior Faculty Members and Parents. With the collective efforts of the stakeholders like Management, Head of the Departments, Class Teachers, Conveners of various Committees, the Grievance Redressal Cell resolves the grievances promptly, properly and efficiently.

  • The effective complaint management mechanism improves better stakeholder relationships and contentment at all levels.

              Composition of Grievance Redressal Cell:

S. NoNameDesignationPosition
1Dr.Y.V.V. Appa Rao,PrincipalChairman
2Dr.I. Sai Prasad,Associate Professor, MBA Dept.Convener
3Sri K.V. Suresh Babu,Lecturer in HindiMember
4Sri C.S. Ananda Kuma,rLecturer in PhysicsMember
5Sri V. Satish Kumar,Lecturer in ZoologyMember
6Sri P.B.V.A.S. Ravi Kiran, Lecture in PhysicsMember
7Smt.V. Kavita Kumari,Lecturer in MathematicsMember
8Kum.S. Sravani, II M. Sc.,StudentMember
9Kum.K. Pavani, III B. Sc.,StudentMember
10Mr.R. Delip Kalyan, II B. Sc.,StudentMember